Welcome to Snapshot!

Snapshot is a ridiculous picture generator of you and your friends. Players compete round after round to see who can take the funniest photo based on their cards. The deck is filled with random and absurd scenarios that can be combined to create photos like meditating while the floor is lava or Using another player’s limb to demonstrate your favorite sex position. 

For each round, players get 3 minutes to capture their masterpiece in an attempt to win the judge’s favor. At the end of the round, the judge will decide whose photo is the funniest! Then, you simply never stop playing :)

The game was created by me, Rahil Bhatnagar. It is the result of combining my passion for capturing hilarious photos and sharing them with my friends. 

If you're into card games, taking funny photos and sheer randomness. Then you should bring Snapshot to your next get together-who knows what ridiculous moments you will capture.